defending ina garrett

by lillythehtcat

i have got to stop reading the news on line..i mean i was all whipped up over the kitty litter thing and now i read about poor ol ina garrett…here read for yourself..

JULY 5–A 64-year-old woman is facing an assault charge after allegedly striking a pastor in the head with a Bible during a dispute inside a Baptist church in Tennessee.

Cops busted Ina Garrett for the alleged Bible thumping of Rev. Leon Taylor, who heads the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Selmer (pop. 4396), a city 100 miles east of Memphis.

In a TV interview, Garrett copped to striking Taylor in the head. “He’s got the demon in him,” she explained.

you see..stories like this make me crazy..because there are so many unanswered questions..for instance…

1. how was the demon manifest in rev. leon

2. did the thumping drive out the demon

3. if the demon was driven out..shouldnt the rev. leon be thanking ms. garrett

4. was it a king james version or one of those new age easy read bibles

5. what poundage bible are we talking about..was it one of those big evangelical versions

6. does being baptist have anything to do with this

7. does the word primitive appear anywhere in the name of the church

i could go on..but you see how you could build a best seller around this and once i start reading this a cat.

now..i know the condo formerly known as wonderland.. mahatma prezs ghandi letter has seemed to bring peace and much so..we are deeming it a miracle..hence..the shrine at the site of the miracle at wonderland..and you know have been promoting this whole transformation quite shamelessly..

but you really in ms. garretts corner here..because i dont think there is at the condo..that a good old bible thumping wouldnt cure.

selmer tennessee cant be a big might want to send ms. garrett a few dollars to pay those demonic lawyers shes going to have to hire.

and from lilly the cat to ms. garrett..bless you sweetie.