kitty litter

by lillythehtcat

now heres one you are not going to hang on ol lilly….

Study Links Cat Litter Box to Increased Suicide Risk

A common parasite that can lurk in the cat litter box may cause undetected brain changes in women that make them more prone to suicide, according to an international study.

lets get some things straight right from the start..

1. i am an outdoor cat

2. i do not use kitty litter

3. my biological functions are not your business

4. this blog may make certain condoites suicidal..but hey thats the natural order of things..darwinism

i mean…here i am trying to fund the miracle shrine at wonderland and obviously someone got a grant to study this kind of crap..excuse the pun.  this just goes to show two things.. people are not getting the job done on writing a grant for the shrine complex..and

second..this is the kind of crap doctors and universities are studying..

how about these geniuses look for a cure for cancer or some other gawd awful disease instead of sifting through cat crap and making us look bad.   maybe its the doctor degree know..they have to do some kind of research to get the degree and then when they find out being a doctor is more difficult than they thought they continue to do silly ass stuff to justify their existence.  what ever happened to trade school…

when these people apply for a doctorate program..somebody should ask..what is your dissertation subject..if the answer is..oh i dont know..thought i would look for a correlation between cat crap and suicide..the university should say sorry we think maybe you should consider pipe fitting or welding.

you want cheaper health care..tell the doctors to start fixing people and kittys and leave our crap alone..