Fourth Shindig

by lillythehtcat

ok…deep throat says there is a pool get together tomorrow..the fourth..with everybody bringing food.  wooo diet has been a little limited this is certainly good to hear..

be sure to bring plenty of adult type people spill a lot more and are also more generous when those are involved. offense..but there arent going to be children at this are there..i mean..seriously..they make me skittish and they are unclean and well..the nasty little things will beat you to the dropped goodies.  if there are children let em spray a little food about then chunk em in the pool and keep them there..or how about muzzling them..

deep throat says i am getting crotchety…well dammit living here will make you crotchety. we are celebrating our independence from the controllers..

what..from the british..very they have been a problem around here..seriously..more tea mum..can i get you a cake..oh mildred..not bratwurst again..theyre sooooo greasy.

seriously….we are celebrating our independence from whom..

anyway happy fourth