by lillythehtcat

just about everyone at the condo..formerly known as wonderland..knows my benefactor and dear dear friend has purchased a motorcycle..and its way cool.  well last saturday..she and a friend took their bikes on an works too hard..needs to get out..i am really supportive of this..and everyone knows how much i love her..shes like a mother to me.

i would to make a very small suggestion here.. you know.. delicately.. without hurting time could you roll the bikes out of the parking garage before starting.

stop that laughing deep throat..ok…..ill tell the rest…

i was the space of the future lillys gift shop and solar emporium..when they simultaneously fired up the bikes…right next to the future sight of lillys gift shop and solar emporium..well……needless to say..uh…how do i say this..well uh..we have a little extra clean up work to do now..its not funny deep throat..dt refuses to help me clean up.

not to worry..i myself am fine..cleaned up at the pool…oh stop it..theres plenty of chlorine in there…

what..the shower…dammit deep throat..i cant reach the handle.

but hey..i got to thinking..when i first brought up the idea of..

the miracle shrine at wonderland the way is anyone working on the grant thingy..i need an update.

oh..anyway..i was thinking mainly of tour buses bringing people to the shrine…but we would be a good destination for motorcycle people…they are already just a few miles down the road..

gorging themselves on fried chicken and gravy at the loveless..

the shrine would be a much healthier destination..body and mind.

so lets start thinking about making the place motor cycle friendly when we get the shrine up and running…guess ill have to sound proof the gift shop.