bucket list

by lillythehtcat

a lot of you know i spend many evenings sitting under the euoynomus hedge..at the pool..just listening to you people..and acting coy and cute when there are some cheesy bits to be had.  hey..ive been watching wallace and grommit on the dell..and..whoa..does wallace ever love cheese..you know..ive learned a lot about cheesy bits watching that. wallaces favorite seems to be wemsleydale..it must be really good because wallace continues to eat it even though its wrecking his teeth.

wait..deep throat says its not the cheese…hes english..huh..im not english am i.

anyway..every so often you people bring up this thing called the bucket list..well if its that hot of a topic i figure i ought to have my own bucket list…so heres my start on..

lillys bucket list

first..an electric heated kitty pad for the winter..oh and some wemsleydale cheesy bits..a nickle bag of catnip…oh..oh..a fresh water dispenser..although im not sure that would fit in the bucket.

what…deep throat says its not stuff you put in a bucket..well why are we calling it a bucket list if we are not going to fill the bucket.

what..if anyone is an idiot..deep throat..its you..

im just trying to fit in around here..be part of the pool crowd..stay away from the kool aid people.

deep throat says you kick the bucket…dammit deep throat..now hes just messing with me…i mean..at my size..i could live live in a bucket..how am i suppose to kick it..if anything around here is going to get kicked its going to be deep throat……..ill probably just bite his leg instead.

what…peace and love………………………….crap.