by lillythehtcat

ive got to quit reading the news…i mean..life was fine before the ol dell and the internet..not a care in the world..well except for natural predators..but anyway..they are not that smart..you know life was good..hunting chippys..dumpster mice..birds..hummers..an occasional spring bunny..eating treats at the pool..but then i find the dell and start exposing myself..not literally..to the rest of the world.  imagine my shock at finding out you people had monkey minds…deep throat says i should have known..well im sure hes right..but i was just in my own world.

anyway..im reading the news today and come across this..

ATHENS, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) – A recent study conducted by scientists in London found that the obese persons of the world are playing an increasingly large role in the rate at which the planet’s finite resources are used.

“Increasing population fatness could have the same implications for world food energy demands as an extra half a billion people living on the earth,” the study concluded.

what..are fat people going to cut into the chippy population or gobble up all the cheesy bits..hey..i dont eat much..in the grand scheme of things..but what i do eat..i happen to enjoy..so this is quite alarming to me.

so heres the plan..deep throat and i are going to take a survey..of the residents..and see who we consider obese..yep..our call..and then we are going to publish names in the blog..look..if your threatening my food chain..im taking action..i didnt live this long out here being a wuss.

deep throat says as a matter of courtesy we should give those of you..who will find yourselves open to my wrath..a little time to slim down..ok..so i expect to see a little action out here..maybe a good run up and down the hill..a couple of hundred laps in the pool..

look im serious here..you are not threatening my life style without a fight.