kool aid

by lillythehtcat

i think everyone knows ive done my level headed best at promoting peace and love in wonderland ever since mahtma prez sent out the ghandi letter.  i may have made a few jabs along the way..but hey nobodys perfect.  peace is always a fragile state of being after there has been war and strife..but you people have been doing surprisingly well..no really..im impressed.  but as always..there is always a but..

deep throat showed me an email where a board member has been accused of..

drinking the kool aid

well im not a lover of sweet things..but whats the problem..looks innocent enough to me..

but deep throat says its a euphemism for blind allegiance…started with this guy..

ended like this..

good god deep throat..what the sam hill is this about…i mean..

who is using this analogy…oh..plaintiff.  and what is it that plaintiff wants..


somebody please tell me what plaintiff wants..im being dead butt serious here..deep throat..blog readers..tell me..

what is it that plaintiff wants

forward this blog to those that dont read it..hell..forward it to plaintiff..give me an answer and I will publish it in this blog..

oh and please dont say respect..that is something that is earned not given.


oh..for those not concerned with my obese list..check this out..