executive privilege

by lillythehtcat

deep throat and i were reading the news on-line and saw where president obama plans to use executive privilege to protect his attorney general…

this really didnt interest me and im not sure i understood it..i just wanted to see how the thunder did and check out the weather.  but deep throat had to go on…and on..he says..you know my condo code name has historic significance..nixon..watergate..yes i know that..i dubbed you deep throat because i thought dumb ass was too crude for the blog.

well…when things settled down..he pulled this up on the ol dell..

February 27, 1973: Dean: Nixon Labels Two Top Aides ‘Principals’ in Watergate Conspiracy; Intends to Use Executive Privilege to Keep Aides from Testifying before Senate

whoa…as yogi berra use to say..deja vu all over again.

then we had our stroke of brilliance…and thats quite a stretch for deep throat..the condo could use the same tactic..anytime the plaintiffs say..hey i dont remember getting last juvembers report or whatever…mahatma prez says..executive privilege..go pound sand.  whatthe miracle..oh..

peace and love

peace and love

sorry…but hey..stay tuned..if it works out for obama..im sure it will work out for mahatma…by the way..how did it work out for nixon…huh..