hands on the wall

by lillythehtcat

my blog by-line says..musings..manifestos..and diatribes of a condo cat..well..i realized i havent mused in quite a while..really havent had much to muse about until i saw this last week..

New tests show that crude Spanish cave paintings of a red sphere and handprints are the oldest in the world, so ancient they may not have been by modern man.

Some scientists say they might have even been made by the much-maligned Neanderthals, but others disagree.


Testing the coating of paintings in 11 Spanish caves, researchers found that one is at least 40,800 years old, which is at least 15,000 years older than previously thought. That makes them older than the more famous French cave paintings by thousands of years. By SETH BORENSTEIN | Associated Press – Thu, Jun 14, 2012

wait..how old..

crap..thats older than ol whats his name on..oh yeah..im suppose to be musing..

im looking at those hand prints and they look like people prints to me..i mean..i admit i dont know much about neanderthals..well..other than ol..digressing..i found it interesting they all put their hands together..in the same picture..would you people do that or would there be some of you that would not participate..not leave your mark with the others..if someone were to come back to the condo 40800 years from now..what would they find..

im envisioning the process all those years ago..hey..izzy..get over here and put your hand on the wall…don’t sass me izadore..we are making history here and ill paint your fat butt red if you dont get over here and put your hand on the wall.

musing..that picture tells me a ton about those people and living here tells me a ton about you…i dont see any hands on the wall..but if the miracle continues..and you do something this cool…..please come get me…..i want my paw on the wall.