funding-part 2

by lillythehtcat

yes i know it takes time to write a grant for a few hundred billion and some over paid government type will have to review it and pass it through some mystical maze of redundancy..

but in the mean time there is stuff we can be doing to..

keep the miracle alive

we need to start being frugal again so we can raise the funds for the wonderland miracle shrine i am fully aware that there are those in the condo that know how to squeeze nickels into dimes…i have seen the pool side presentations with flip charts..circles..arrows..and colored ink.  now if the flip chart guy would get on board with the miracle..we could..well we could probably get mahatma prez declared a saint..

wait deep throat says he cant be declared a saint until at least five years after his death..whose death..mahatmas or ol penny makes a difference you know..i mean…oh yeah..

peace and love

peace and love

peace and love

everyone calm down..we still have a miracle without having to sacrifice someone for sainthood..we can do that later..i was just thinking that we still have detractors. i think we got a little off track there..we need to both save money and make a little while we are waiting on the grant.

so here are some suggestions..

since the association pays for water..

1.shower less..hey i only shower when im caught in one..and look at how good i look.

2. shower with a friend or several friends.

3.flush dont need to courtesy flush in your own unit.

4. collect rain water for the landscaping..i you have any idea how irritating those sprinklers are when you are stalking a chippy.

common area electricity..

1.turn off the light in the halls..get a flash light.

2.turn off the heat and air in the dont have air conditioning from your car to the building..why do you need it from the front door to your unit.

3. turn off those irritating lights at the pool..your going to wake up some morning and find an alien space craft has landed out there.

4.turn off the pool pumps at night..the inspectors dont work second and third shift.

5. turn off all outside lights at eleven or midnight..decent people shouldnt be out after that..the rest dont need light.

6. art doesnt need think michael angelo had fancy little art lights..not that those things are michael angelos.

fireplace gas..dont even think about using your to save.

see..again utter brilliance..i dont even go in the building and i can come up with a boat load of ways to save money that could be used to fund the shrine.

what..plagiarism..these have all been suggested who….oh..crap..

hurry up with the grant

we have to..

keep the miracle alive


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