by lillythehtcat that the wheres lilly contest is kicked off lets talk about the shrine.  ive been courting the chinese on funding the miracle shrine but i dont think they are ready to pony up..probably too religious. now i know a religious type miracle shrine complex should be concerned with more spiritual things than money but..hey..we have got to get this thing up and running.  deep throat says the condo tight on funds..and it is probably not a good time to go and ask for the capital to fund the necessities of the miracle at wonderland shrine complex.  says deep throat..we just don’t have the money.

ok people..time to quiet your monkey minds and start thinking with your big people brains..might be a stretch for some of you..but lets try.  i you think henry ford said..we cant build a car factory..we dont have the money.  or donald trump said..that glitzy tower is a great idea but..we dont have the money.  or john kennedy said..gee it would be great fun to go to the moon but..we dont have the money. i think not.

so heres the plan..there is plenty of federal government stimulus type money out there just ripe for the picking.  so whats hot..what can we get funded for..well you can bet your sweet patootie its not going to be a religious shrine.  heres where..once again..good ol lilly saves the day.. panels..this government is shooting money at wacko energy schemes faster than a gatling gun..and im willing to do my part as the front for the wonderland solar energy scheme.

now..we are going to need a volunteer to write the grant thingy for the slush fund..i mean solar project..preferably someone with slush fund writing experience.  now im sure there are a lot of you that will say..i can do offense..but we are talking big time here..not some chump change funds for an education program or meaningless this guy..

we need someone who can get us..say..a couple a hundred guys..

you get in a lot less trouble for squandering big money than you do chump change.  the bozo in the tub lost his job and got beat up on the tv..the solar guys are probably on a yacht somewhere..laughing their butts off.  and when you get big takes a lot longer for the feds to figure out what is going on.  further more..we have a leg up here..if i may use that term..we are really going to use the money on a religious type enterprise and its going to look bad if they get too nasty with us.

so lets sharpen up the pencils and get this thing rolling..after all..

we cant afford to let the miracle die

wheres lilly