art committee

by lillythehtcat

if you people remember one of my earlier sure its in the archives..i was quite critical about the art in the the building..boring……i mean who was responsible for that.  anyway deep throat says the art committee is going to meet and select new art for the lobby…well now that you people are living in woodstock.. vibrations..

you are going to need a little help with this art thing..with all due respect to the art committee..

so first lets make sure we leave space for lilly still thinking the behemoth plasma versus the smaller version i initially suggested…so you can have cool music videos night.. and when a storm comes we can have live 3d lilly radar..and weather alerts..tornado comin dorothy..grab toto and go to the basement..

now my humble suggestions for the art committee….

when i make a ton of money off my brilliant ideas..and the lilly gift shop…im ordering the lillymobile…ill be taking applications for a chauffeur shortly…

peace and love


hey..will someone ask the management guy if i can have a primo space for the out front where all the residents can gaze in awe thinking to themselves..what would we do without lilly.

im gonna look like the super hero i am.  dammit deep throat…you are too riding in the lillymobile..wuss..