digging to china-part 3

by lillythehtcat

first..the people at the china daily mail..


gave the blog another like but they dont seem to be coming through with any of your wally mart dollars..i mean..i probably peed off donald trump

courting those funds..oh well..i did give them my best lucy liu look..

what..you thought that was a picture of the real lucy..come on..what do i have to do around here.

anyway..this digging to china blog just keeps on giving..youre not going to believe this..but i received  a self-aggrandizing email..yes..i still have my gmail account.. basically saying..in three long rambling pages..lilly..if you dug your hole at an angle you could pop out in china..and then proceeded to tell me how to do it..

really..im a cat..not a petroleum type drilling engineer.  i mean..seriously..deep throat and i were going to do this in our spare time….with shovels and paws..and someone wants to suggest directional drilling..who writes this kind of crap..monkey mind..

look..first of all..it was all the intellect we could muster to calculate where a straight-down hole would pop out..i havent seen deep throat since..i think we are going to have to put a new fuse in his monkey mind.

second..even dt and i could quickly determine that the cost of directional drilling would out weigh the transportation and just-in-time inventory savings.

third i am opening a gift shop..albeit..a classy gift shop..at the wonderland miracle shrine complex..not by golly exxon mobil. 

i guess the point..of the email..was to try to demean deep throat and i..sounds more like an attempt to undermine the miracle.

i guess some people will never be happy watching other people be happy..

continue to believe..now is the time to put an end to the antics of the past.