digging to china-part 2

by lillythehtcat

i was in the process of writing a blog about the need for funding for the miracle at wonderland shrine complex when my email alert went bingle bingle..yeah its annoying but i decided to see who was sending me an email..well..first let me explain that when you read the blog and decide to comment or hit that little button that says like..the wordpress site notifies my email account.  anyway i check the email and there is the message..

China Daily Mail liked your post “digging to china”..

whoa..double whoa..the china daily mail..whoa..i mean..whoa..first..

thanks china daily mail for reading my blog.

people..we are needing funds for the shrine complex and in comes the china daily mail..the miracles keep on coming.  so lets be nice and see where this will take us..

first..all you people are buying a whole bunch of stuff from wally mart..and the dollars you spend shoot..at the speed of light..to china..

the way i see it..and im pretty astute about this financial kind of stuff..china needs to do something with those dollars.

you know..donald trump is not helping our situation with all his tough talk about china.  most of you know ive been working on my lucy liu look since last december..i bet if lucy was on celebrity apprentice..the donald would change his tune..oh lucy..your so great..i just love you..

hey donald..lighten up..i mean were working on financing the shrine.

oh yeah..the dollars in china..the way i see it..they only have a few options..

they can buy more of our debt…uh..dont tell anyone because i dont want to be hassled by the feds..but..uh..i dont think this is a good option.

they could annex greece..probably an inflated buy at the moment..so might as well wait till the price comes down..

or invest in the miracle at wonderland shrine complex.. they would probably hardly miss the money..i mean..looking at current stimulus investments in other schemes..i mean projects..we could get by on..say.. a couple of hundred billion..chump change.

so hey people at the china daily mail.. how about a little help here..ill forward my account and routing number by email..not to worry this is not a nigerian shakedown scheme but a semi-legitimate miracle shrine investment.

Thank You

..boy i hope google didnt screw me on my attempt at saying thank you in chinese..

lilly liu