by lillythehtcat

i made reference to hummingbirds in my athos blog only because you people seem to have a fixation with them..i mean..i dont think you eat them..although i dont know why….but im seeing hummer feeders going up all over the condo…which is very good news to me..because i do..

eat them

sweet spring chippys..its almost hummer season and the feeders are in abundance..looks like its going to be a good year.  i was trying to explain to deep throat the delicate taste of a fresh hummer and how there was just this precious little bit of meat..and how it was still worth the effort.  dt said it must be like eating mud bugs..what..crawdaddys..crawfish..he said you get these tasty little critters out of a ditch..well that sounds appealing..boil em up with some spice and you have a fine delicacy although not much meat on them….i knew he would finally get to the point.

well if they are so damn good..why do you have to boil them with spices…i eat hummers not with tartar sauce deep throat..raw..sometimes im not sure if dt and i are even speaking the same language.  anyway deep throat says some of you people have been talking about having a crawdaddy boil at the pool..ooops..baptismal…ok..youll drink a lot..spill a lot..and well…ill try anything once..even a boiled mud sure and bring lots of not convinced im going to like boiled bugs.

wait..where was i..oh… heres what i was thinking..since all you condoites seem to love feeding those tasty little hummers..i..being the genius i am..will offer my own line of feeders in lillys gift shop..brilliant..

i sell the feed em..i eat em…

check this out..

im drooling just posting the picture..i bet i could nail at least three in one pounce…yes..going to be a very good year..

hey deep throat..we need to start ordering inventory..