vows of silence

by lillythehtcat

when thinking about how this whole religious shrine thing..the sight of the wonderland miracle..was going to work..i thought..as you know..that the place ought to appear religious..at least while the tourists were present..like a religious monastery..and i thought of mount athos..the monks and their vow of silence.  please see my blog athos. well to be honest..i just thought..if you people were silent the miracle..at a minimum..would continue..and i wouldnt have to endure …well anway i was intrigued enough to do a little research on vows of silence..here is what i found..

When practicing a temporary vow of silence as a spiritual journey, the intent is much more than simply resting the vocal cords.

When practicing silence, the inner chatter and inner dialog of the mind is quieted. Hindus refer to this as the “monkey mind.”

The power of silence quiets the “monkey mind” and leads to increased mindfulness, including more observations of the present. Buddhists refer to this mindfulness as “being in the moment,” or “being present.”



wheres deep throat..


monkey minds..

monkey minds..

well this explains a lot…

give me a few……..

i could write a doctoral thesis here…but a picture just may be worth a thesis..

glad im a cat

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