by lillythehtcat

when i wrote the shrine blog i wrote..for gods sake remain silent..this will give the place a cloister type of athos..well i thought everyone would know that i was referring to mount athos..but ooooh waltzes good ol deep throat and says..hey..what do the three musketeers have to do with the know the musketeer…athos.

weeping jesus on the i totally surrounded by secularists..i mean im trying to get a religious shrine enterprise thing up and running to celebrate a modern-day miracle and deep throat asks about the three musketeers…let me tell you something..the only thing he knows about the three musketeers involves chocolate and caramel.  three musketeers..

you know something…convincing you people of the condo..formerly known as wonderland..that a religious type miracle has taken place is going to be a lot tougher sell than the by golly bus loads of tourists that will be showing up.  do you people not see what has happened..the miracle conversion..well if not..dont blow this and i are about to be disgustingly rich.

anyway..lets get you up to speed so you will know how to act when the tour buses start showing up.  mount athos is a mountain peninsula in macedonia greece.

it is only accessible by boat.

the inhabitants of the peninsula are orthodox monks..male only..who have taken a vow of silence..i guess thats why its only men..

when you take a vow of silence can you still write notes…… fat novice..park your car at the other end of the peninsula.

hmmm..probably no notes.

so are we getting the picture here of how this thing needs to look and feel when the tourists start showing up…this is never going to work if you people are running about in speedos and god knows what yelling.. look marge..a hummingbird..

so check out the pictures..start thinking about your appropriate attire and start practicing the art of silence..

three musketeers….and i still have the gift shop to get up and running….this is going to be a..