the shrine

by lillythehtcat that we have established that a miracle has taken the condo..its time to embrace my..and i might say brilliant..idea of turning the place into a shrine and making a little money.

so let me do some of the heavy lifting..while you are an educated bunch..i dont think you are all that bright…ooooops.. not the peace and love spirit..sorry.  anyway..hire that fancy pants attorney to make sure this whole thing is set a religious institution..we dont want that judas iscariot mayor of nashville slappin some sort of tax on us..bad enough hes going to stick it to your units……stick it to your units…heh..heh.

get an architect to design the gate-toll house so it conveys the proper somber ambiance.

now..your going to have to agree on some hours of thinking 9 to 6.  that way the people that go to work can clear out before the onslaught of tour buses and you can still have cocktails by the baptismal after closing.  during the hours of operation i think it best that the people..on sight..dress in dark clothing and remain silent..for gods sake remain silent..this will give the place a cloister type of athos.

mahatma…since mahatma is probably going to be a visible know..performing healing and baptisms..for a modest fee..he is going to need to look the thinking tonsurial hair cut and maybe a robe..

practice..i think we are going to need a few wet runs on the whole baptism-healing thing…it needs to be appealing…..inviting..

so lets get some volunteers for the baptism-healing rehearsal…you know it would be better if we actually got someone who needs a good dose of the holy spirit… about ol…….wait..

deep throat says i shouldnt name names...i thought our legal team said it was ok if it was satire…still not a good idea…yeah..yeah..peace and love….chippy not  sure i like peace and love….i want to chunky dunk ol….enough..enough..i wont name them…..


sheeeeeesh…so much for washing their sins away…

im going to need some help setting up the lilly the cat gift thinking those two rooms at the end of the garage would work…that way the tourists could shop right before they exit the grounds.  so ill need some better lighting..a little let me show you my vision for the lilly the cat gift shop..

so….can you people set up some kind of organizational meeting and get this thing rolling….


sole proprietor of the lilly the cat gift shop and emporium…