the wonderland miracle

by lillythehtcat

well deep throat dilly dallied around about getting a report back on the board meeting…but it looks like it all went pretty good..well right up until the end when grumpy ol plaintiff one..gopo..had some sort of senior moment.  but heres the thing..ever since mohatma prez published his ghandi letter there truly has been a change..i mean this transformation from wonderland to woodstock is rethinking lilly tv..instead of a discrete flat the lobby..i think we should go with a 54 inch plasma that we could show music videos on…hey..on friday nights you could run the movie woodstock..get liquored up and do joe cocker impersonations..

the art committee should think about pyschedelic art for the lobby..oh yeah.. the board meeting..

the rules committee will now focus on lessening rules versus adding pages and pages..parking has been turned over to the management company..which should ease a lot of tension..owners and renters..npos..are mingling together at the pool..having fun..its..well..its…….a..


really…a miracle..and no one is more surprised than me…so here is another one of my strokes of utter know i this day..know why you people arent calling lilly..anyway..since what has taken place is truly a miracle..lets make the place a shrine.  we could charge tourists to come see the place.  set up a toll booth down at the split..i bet gopo would be good at running that..

since mahatma is responsible for this miracle we could put dannys star on mahatmas balcony so the tourists could see mahatmas unit…heh..heh……

mahatmas unit..ever since deep throat clued me in on the double entendre thing..anyway..

now since the place is going to be some sort of holy shrine..i think you could make a little more money by turning the pool into a baptismal..and for an extra fee..mohatma will perform the ritual himself..

and on the way out the tourists could visit the home of lilly the renown blogger..i could sell lillys famous cheesy bits and chippy fur lined mittens.  look..i told you i was brilliant..i should get some kind of royalty off this venture plus the proceeds from the lilly the cat gift shop…im getting goose bumps again.

doctor lilly

and when the tourists are gone deep throat and i can lay out by the baptismal and watch the pigs fly over..