memorial day

by lillythehtcat

hey you ghandi peaceniks of the condo formerly known as wonderland…please dont forget the significance of the holiday..all those who have sacrificed their lives so that we may all enjoy the freedoms we so often take for granted.  according to the ol dell and my lineage has a long line of military service and sacrifice…many dont know it but in the first world war the rats were so bad.. in the trenches.. that cats were brought in to help with the problem.

whoa..those things look tasty..but pretty mean too..we lost a few to that war..guess ive got it easier than i thought.

and then there was one relative… not quite sure what this was about..

except that his name was gaston..

records show gaston was missing in action..mia..shortly  after this picture was taken..hmm.

we also made pretty good mascots..

this was little gin..she was the mascot on a british battleship..the picture shows  an ancestral trait carried over from walking the parapets at dover castle…anyway.. supposedly..little gin was walking the gun barrel when the captain spotted a german uboat about 900 yards off starboard..the family was told the last thing little gin heard in the hole.

the last relative i found was little buzz…the doughboys were quite fond of little buzz..he actually..according to the family..survived the war..and lived to a ripe old age..for a cat..although he was deaf as a post and quite cantankerous in his old age.

so when i look back..i have a lot to be thankful for..there has been a lot of sacrifice so that we may live free and happy.. in what was previously known as..pka..wonderland.

please remember the reason for the day.

and thanks to for helping me find my familys sacrifices.


ok dot com guys.. where are the cheesy bits you promised.