doctors..uranus..and contrition

by lillythehtcat

im writing with a very sore paw today..its slow going..when i wrote the blog the i diet..i was talking about dave and the hal 9000 computer on their way to uranus..and thought well ..heres the subject for a future blog.  after writing darwins dead and so is evolution.. i have decided i have a knack for scientific thinking and writing.  i should have one of those doctor degree far as im concerned the only people that should be called doctor are those that wade around in blood and guts..and with a penchant for catching and eating live chippies..dumpster mice..and an occasional bun…uh..lets leave that one ok with the blood and guts thing.  the only other people that should be called doctor are those with profound scientific thinking stephen hawking or myself.  people shouldnt be called doctor for studying silly crap.

anyway..i was down in the garage..writing my latest treatise on uranus..when deep throat waltzes in and says what are you doing..

i said about running my evolution blog up to vanderbilt..either the science or religion department..i know they would like to read it.

dt scowls and says..what are you writing..

i writing about uranus..


i said im writing about uranus..

well deep throat slaps the screen lid thing shut on my paw…………..

how was i to know about double entendre…im a cat…anyway..

i bit deep throat in the leg………more than once…… should have heard the caterwauling…and believe me deep throat can caterwaul with the best..hope we didnt disturb anyone.  dont think youll see dt in shorts anytime soon..

after the really ugly part died down.. we managed to talk things out..and we both said we were sorry…i think it hit both of us at the same time….weve never heard any people in wonderland apologise to one know..a simple..sorry..and there has been plenty to apologise for…no im not listing them..dont want to overload the server.

holy moly just a few im or we are sorrys would go a long it pridefulness that prevents know pride is one of..according to dante..the seven deadly sins..and at least deep throat and i can begin to see deadly sins..

i feel another blog coming on..or is it just my paw throbbing….

doctor lilly