darwin is dead and so is evolution

by lillythehtcat

now this might surprise some of you..but i believe in god..and religion..yep.. the whole nine yards..and you know what.. i also believe in evolution..that may sound a bit convoluted to you non-believers and fundamentalists..but it works for me.

case 1..why god exists

i mean.. anyone can see that a dog is some spin off..some mutant gone wrong..of the superior feline..well lilly..if the dog was so inferior..why has it survived..shouldnt the evolutionary process have made it extinct.  normally yes..but god took pity on the poor miscreant and let it survive..namely so it could be a friend to people…who god realized didnt have a hope..not a snowballs chance in lucifers kitchen..of having any creature..in the animal kingdom..be friends with people.

so the dog exists solely through gods grace..therefore god must exist.

see how tidy god and the evolutionary process can work together.  lets just say dogs and people go together.

case 2..evolution

..take dinosaurs..they couldnt adapt to cold weather..climate change..and al gore wasnt around to save them..so what happened..the big overgrown lizards became extinct..the evolutionary process in action.  but lilly..why didnt god save the dinosaurs like he did the dogs..easy he knew if he let them stick around they would eat the people..and god has..or has had.. a certain fondness for people..thats the mysterious part of god and religion.

we know dinosaurs existed because of fossil remains and sinclair oil…there arent any dinosaurs today..therefore evolution wiped them out.  this is so brilliant im getting goose bumps.


so why bring this up…well the way i see it..god cant be happy with you people…i believe the only commandment that hasnt been violated in wonderland is murder..and deep throat tells me that has been contemplated…wait a sec…….me……oh yeah the kill lill thing.   i swear  im going to look over my shoulder and see ralphy.. the squirrel.. turn into a pillar of salt one day.

so if god..albeit a loving god..is like old testament pissed with you people..why hasnt evolution kicked in and terminated you..for a bunch of people with college degrees..masters..doctor type degrees..almost doctor degrees..self proclaimed geniuses..you couldnt exist out here with me over night..let alone a life time..youre not as smart as  you think..thats why dogs love you.. and youre not living up to gods expectations.

so there is the proof to my theory..evolution is dead..mainly because youre still here ..and im bettin its not because of god……

i should get this published in a scientific journal or something..its brilliant..i could be famous for this kind of thinking.