back to the basics

by lillythehtcat

wonderland has a rules committee who has been laboring..cajoling..lobbying..for 8 months to put into place their vision of the perfect rules for the residents of if you people couldnt figure out how to get along like reasonable adults..and i have been leading the support of you people..but maybe i have been wrong..maybe you do need a rule for everything..i mean..after what i have heard lately..well im not sure you people are capable of civility..capable of loving your neighbor..capable of..well..just common decency..but im not giving up on lets start with the i got this off the internet..

kindergarten rules

  1. keep your hands to yourself   
  2. raise your hand
  3. share
  4. listen
  5. help others
  6. take turns
  7. put things back where you found them

lets get you people started with these..ill check back in a few days and see how you are doing..

what…deep throat says we may need to be more specific..especially for those educated beyond their intelligence…ok..

1. keep your hands to yourself..if its not yours dont screw with it..your unit is 2.5 per cent of the total..that doesnt give you the right to screw with your neighbors property.. or stuff in the common areas..if something is out of place or offends you.. call the management company or the board.

2. raise your hand..before you violate rule 1..ask permission..again call the management company or the board.

3. share..respect your neighbors enough to share.. at a minimum.. your consideration and respect..maybe share a cocktail..some cheesy bits..a kind word.

4. listen..shut your big.. know it all mouth long enough to hear what the other person has to sure they have a thought or an opinion also..and it just may make more sense than yours.

5. help others..even you all can get this one.

6. take turns..its not all about you..there are other people in wonderland that need to make contributions..the problem has been that a very vocal minority..and i mean minority..the controllers..want to run everything..because according to them..they are smarter and know whats good for the rest of you.

7. put things back where you found them..well if you havent violated rule 1 you wont need rule 7..but knowing that your going to violate rule 1 anyway…when your conscience kicks in..if you have one..put the damn thing wasnt yours in the first place.

there..does that help….

oh..and for the love of all that is holy will you people make an effort to welcome new neighbors..maybe say something kind about the loss of their pet know..a card..a flower..a cake..a kind word..a simple act of human decency.