two months

by lillythehtcat

yesterday..mothers day..was the two month anniversary of this blog thingy..and thanks to you people our biggest day for readership..guess it was a pretty miserable day..the rain the 5 inches early this morning. hey, but thanks for reading and keeping up with all the fun in wonderland.  although i started annoying everyone with my emails last september..i thought the two month mark of the blog..which the controllers..thankfully..forced me into..a good time for reflection.

our new neighbors viewed wonderland as a sad going to take some blame here because i have been publicizing what the controllers have been doing behind the scenes.  but would the renters rather find out how the rules committee intends to exclude them after the fact.  should they think the rest of you people condone the awful notes left on their cars.. the vicious emails. hey..welcome these new people to wonderland..take a look at what they have already contributed and what they have to contribute if they were made to feel welcome.  i have perhaps focused too much on the negative…we should rejoice in the positive also.  no i am not a kum ba yah singing pollyanna.  im just saying we might need fewer rules and more good polkas.

i was a little rough on the foo foo dogs and owners thereof..sorry.

ive been occasionally hard on my trusted people informant..

deep throat

..although…oh lets leave it at that.

but..hey..there have been some positives….

wonderland and you people have provided entertainment around the globe..

those cute coeds in tel aviv

the hotty in los angeles



the philippines



and we have shared some great music..


johnny cash

buck owens

eddie murphy as james brown

creedance clearwater revival

randy newman

bob seger

the muppets

plus all those great tunes from the emails in the links section

whoa..ive been a lot more cheerful than i remember…..time for a is good..

oh..and new neighbors…the pool about 6 is always a good time to enjoy the good side..and bring me cheesy bits..