time for a little cheer

by lillythehtcat

deep throat came down..wished me a happy mothers day..good ol deep throat.  gee what a rainy depressing day..can hardly remember my own mom..the kids are all gone..billys gone before i could really mess with him..the new neighbors think this is a sad place..and even though good ol deep throat is trying to cheer me up..i tend to agree..sad.

and after 8 months..the poor rules committee..eager to ratify their version of how you people should live in wonderland..with ten additional pages of rules for you people..are on hold..the associations lawyer is reviewing..oh yes..the ol legal kiss of death..these rules have actually been written for the past five months..the committee has been trying to gin up support the past five months..and you know a lawyer cant read see spot run without making a change..yep…kiss of death..well you still have old rules…

whoa..what takes ten additional pages….

so it seems everyone needs a little cheering up..deep throat and i thought..what would cheer up the rules committee..well what else besides a good polka medley..so..hope this helps all that need a little cheer.

hey..heres some food for thought..while your being cheered up by this great music..and im feeling better already..how about you renters..leasors..non owners..and other undesirables..npos.. form a ht renters association.. you know to protect your rights as renters..lobby the owners association..have some fun..i mean..theres a bunch of you people out there..this is your home too.

yours in a better tomorrow