renters..leasors..non owners..and other undesirables

by lillythehtcat

so deep throat says that the proposed rules..soon to be submitted to the grand high board of directors..has an interesting overall theme..discrimination…you people want to separate out the non owners..those who to hide some past criminal activity.. are not on the deed..separate from the erudite class of actual property owners.  hey..fine by a firm believer in discrimination..i for one..dont like foo foo dogs..theyre stupid..annoying..loud..and have bladder problems..whats to like.  now i dont know if the non property owners..npos..are stupid..annoying..loud..or have bladder problems..but there must be something wrong with them..after all you are creating new rules to discriminate against them for some reason.

and the pollyannas sing….kuuuuumbaaaaaaayaaaaaaaah

heres my foo dogs are easy to identify..but i dont know the npos from the property owners..and wanting to be a good citizen of wonderland..and discriminate with the best..i need to know who these undesirables are.

and the pollyannas sing….kuuuuumbaaaaaaayaaaaaaaah

so heres my idea…arm make the npos wear identifying arm know..with some sort of appropriate symbol on them.  that way when they are my world..ill know who they  are..after all i dont want to be accepting cheesy bits from undesirables. comes deep throat….hold on..deep throat says its all ready been done…..huh…how did it work out..

and the pollyannas sing….kuuuuumbaaaaaaayaaaaaaaah

yours in a better tomorrow