by lillythehtcat interesting concept…you establish how you want your life to be and then you think up commandments to make all those around you conform with your vision.  you want about the ten commandments.. or read the sermon on the mount..having problems with tolstoys treatise on the sermon..betcha cant abide by those rules.. you want to transform those around you into your version of reality.. interesting what is important to you..maybe more sad than interesting.

so deep throat tells me the rules committee is finally going to present the committees  version.. of their concept of reality in wonderland….well this should be interesting..ought to tell us a lot about those who authored them..and we will learn a lot about those who receive them.

are there going to be rules that protect my freedom of blogs in wonderland..we dont read blogs in wonderland..are there going to be rules that make sure all that reside in wonderland are treated with equity..with respect..are you people going to welcome new comers into your community..perhaps turn the other cheek..oh..not your version of reality…

so now we will see what the committee members propose as opposed to what is professed….and methinks..once people profess too much.

as for me…..well……Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.
Thomas A. Edison

or better yet….

If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere.
Marilyn Monroe

just when i was getting the drop eyed lucy liu look down….

im thinking of a marilyn monroe bleach job…dammit deep not too old……………judas…


soon to be blond and unobservant..