foo foo dogs

by lillythehtcat

whooooeee am i gonna catch hell for this one but here goes…

whats with you people and these nasty little dogs you parade around on leashes..oh let me tell you..from out here..this is all quite entertaining.  oh..sorry mildred..cant stay for another cup..gotta go walk wheezer.  really..hey call greenwhich..reset the clock..wheezers 30 seconds late.  your life is dictated by the schedule of a souped up rodents bladder..of course what else is there for you to do.

so lets get into the other idiosyncrasies that make this so much fun.

first..well mildreds dog..princess..barks all day while shes gone..but good ol wheezer is quiet as a cloistered monk. chippy crap..there isnt a foo foo dog in wonderland that isnt yipping like a pup without its mama the minute youre out the door.  there is one quiet mutt but he isnt a foo foo dog.

second.. if wheezer is pee dribbling in the elevator and lobby on the way out..what do you think hes been doing in your condo the last 30 minutes..disgusting huh. follow the little fluff balls with plastic bags and pick up the poop before it can stain the grass..really.. theres me..wild turkeys..deer..all kinds of birds..coyotes..wild al. pooping on a real regular basis out here and your running behind foo foo with a plastic bag..but you wont wipe up dribble pee in the elevator or lobby…really thing youll never see a cat do….eat another cats crap  or stick its nose three feet up another cats butt..but foo foo dogs, uh heh heh heh..still working on the eddie murphy laugh.  and after that.. the little buggers want to lick your face..isnt that sweet mildred..hes kissing you.

you know its a wonder the people population hasnt been wiped out by some kind of plague carried by these things.

fifth..whats the fixation with squirrels..i mean.. its as obvious as the nose on your face that the squirrel is ahead of foo foo by at least a 100 iq points..and what in the name of nature is little foo gonna do if he actually catches a give up cheesy bits to see that.

so next time your out in the rain with little foo..picking up the poo..that sound you hear isnt the wind..its me laughing..uh heh heh heh.