queen gertrude and i

by lillythehtcat

you people know.. from my email last year.. how much i enjoyed macbeth..especially the part about the brindled cat and the three witches.  i was quite convinced that shakespeare lived at wonderland and was writing about all of you.  anyway.. good ol deep throat has thrown a wrench.. once again.. in the middle of things..ok.. i get it.. but the stories still relevant.

so now im reading hamlet act iii..scene ii  where queen gertrude turns to prince hamlet and says the lady doth protest too much, methinks.
well methinks thats pretty interesting..although around wonderland we have two versions people that protest too much and people that profess too much…protest..profess..damn it deep throat i am not lisping.. protest profess.. lisp..lithp….ever since the judas comment this is what i get..you know i came up here to be closer to the people while i write..and all i get is crap from deep throat and a parade of yippy foo foo dogs on leashes with bladders about to explode….give me a few.. im going back down to the bowels of the parking garage to finish this in peace.

ahhh..quiet…much better..

i mean..i hear all this professing about being conservative.. liberal.. religious.. non religious.. politically correct.. tolerant.. unbiased..yah dah yah dah yah dah.. and then i watch your actions and listen to your words..this is where i really wish i could laugh like eddie murphy..uh heh heh heh heh..ok gonna take some work.

i could go on but i think you get the picture..at the moment im just a hair worn out with self rightiousness..we read classics for a reason..they teach us stuff..and  methinks you people doth profess too much.