pool opening

by lillythehtcat

thank goodness for warm sunny weather..the keyboard dried out pretty quickly..whoooeee when i get thinking about canaries….

crap…almost did it again..anyway i understand the pool is opening saturday..really..before memorial day..thats not the way we do it up north…is it still snowing up there..no matter….

well i cant wait to  see you people in a social setting again..be sure you have cocktails..so youll be nice to each other…i dont want to beat this to death..but cocktails..ive never seen any of you with a..whoa wait..uh..i was going to say let alone its tail..but my little mind just went somewhere it shouldnt have ..anyway..again..interesting term.  hey..ill have a chippytail..shaken..not stirred..and make it a double.

so now that ive got you drooling..mind the keyboard.. for a poolside cocktail ..lets talk hors doeuvres…since its cinco de mayo saturday..my favorite holiday..by the way…im thinking copious hors doeuvres and cheesy bits..spicy mexican goodies..salsa..it would be a nice kickoff for the opening of the pool..say 6ish.  leave your canes and walkers at home..that way youll spill more goodies for moi..

see you at the pool..