by lillythehtcat

you know from time to time i hear this grumbling about communications…we dont communicate one knows whats going on…we need a residents only section on the web site..we have a web site..well who knew..i cant remember the password..i dont have email..i dont know how to turn it on..i dont want to receive anything will i know if its negative..take me off the mailing must get off the mailing list or we will harrass you.  someone left a note on my car….kum ba ya….

chippie crap

you want to know about something……..go ask Jerry..the maintenance guy  there….problem solved.

i mean…what is it you people are so desperate to know….let me tell you this..

if you knew what i wouldnt want to know.

while im still pondering retirement..heres my suggestion..everything you possibly need to know about the condo can be found on this lets install a tastefully sized flat screen tv in the lobby that displays my blog 24-7.  again problem solved.  i’ll do my part and update it daily and if you people will sign a waiver not to sue me..ill get a little more pictures..etc.  and we could have cool music in the background from my list of posted tunes.


live from the condos at wonderland

lilly tv

this is completely awesome..send deep throat to best buy and get a telly..

i mean..close your eyes..can you see it….whoa.. im so excited ive gotta go pee..