by lillythehtcat

so im really thinking about this move thing…i mean..i getting older and well..maybe being a house cat wouldnt be so retirement..and have this cutie taking care of me..feeding me cheesy bits like i was a greek goddess..i bet she has cute friends….oh this is going to be sweet..and you know the controllers would be thrilled to see me go..maybe theyd throw me a bon voyage party.

anyway..deep throat said i have to have a visa..and i told him i had one was great fun..until this lady in india calls me and says i have to pay her a bunch of i said.. whoa..i dont have any a cat…well right after that the visa thingy stopped working..and if it still doesnt work..well am i going to retire in filled tel aviv…..

wait…deep throat says its a different kind of visa…you know..this is getting way to complicated.. i think that judas iscariot deep throat is sabotaging this… dont wear jealousy very well deep throat.

wait for me importantly trivial