the great window debacle

by lillythehtcat

so im sitting out front wednesday..lookin for chippies..when i witnessed the great window debacle or like an old many people does it take to replace a window.  apparently at wonderland..quite a few..and some with pent up anger.  wow..over a window..and where was that cute property management guy..i mean..what do you pay him for…seems like you people have a problem delegating.. or letting go.

and now the window guy says he cant replace the windows..huh..i mean..hes the window some advice..look the window guy in the eye and say..look if it were easy we would do it ourselves..who found the cant replace the window window guy..anyway relax..heh.. i dont even have windows.

you need to come out here with some chippies..let the wind blow through your fur..take a it worth getting all whipped up over a window that the management company should have been taking care of in the first place.

i bet im going to have a big ol window in tel aviv.