mountains and mole hills

by lillythehtcat

you know.. im thinking about moving from wonderland…i mean you people making mountains out of mole hills…oooo havent had a good mole in a talking sherpa guide mountains here..i mean your getting to be embarrassing.  so…im thinking this cutie in tel aviv could like take me in..girls love cats..and i can be pretty adorable.

im sure theres a good parking garage i could live in…you dont think she would want to make me a house cat do you..oh crud that wouldnt work..last time i went inside i ended up getting neutered..thanks a lot..and how far is tel aviv..i mean its not like east nashville or anything is it.

wait….deep throat is trying to tell me about kosher…so i have to get the chippies blessed..uh..hold thinking…….hey..while im thinking about this read the latest blog from tel aviv..maybe you will quit being so fixated on the mole hill that you keep trying to make into a mountain..


and if you missed it… had you been reading faithfully…you wouldnt have..


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