by lillythehtcat

well..i guess most have heard that you people have had another resignation from your board.  you not even sure why you people even need a board…it just seems to keep all of you whipped up.  or if not whipped up.. then whining in your wine..

anyway deep throat was saying that in the last few years there have been something like 6 resignations from your board..6.. before their term was up.  now isnt that interesting..and deep throat says there is a common denominator.  whoa…im not sure i knew deep throat was very mathematical. heres the deal..lets see if any of you people know what the common denominator is..its not a math test..really.  just post a comment with your thoughts..if you want to make sure the comment is anonymous..just start out with the words post anonymous..ill make sure your identity is deep throats..dont want you getting nasty emails..notes under the door.. or on your car.

this could be kind of fun..a forum on why no one wants to serve on the board..