by lillythehtcat

well congratulations everybody….the antics of you people..which i have been so graciously commenting upon.. have truly gone international…im not sure why…other than the rest of the world finds you people humorous.  soooooo..heres where we are so far..we have been read in the united kingdom, the philippine islands and yesterday alone we had 20 views in israel…  me neither….i wonder if they could have seen dannys star of david from was pretty bright.  next year we can put it on the roof….then i know they will see it.

anyway it should be comforting to know that you are providing comic relief to people who live under the constant stress of impending war and terrorism.  oh how i wish they could have seen the art project.  so here is a toast to all of you…l’chaim….

im glad i live here….you people are awesome.

oh…oh…and that hottie in los angeles keeps taking a peak…….oh sweet cheesy bits..we could be goin hollywood…..ive almost got that drop eye lucy liu look down…just in time.