lilly is international

by lillythehtcat

seems ive been doing a lot of musing i guess its time for a good ol rant..or as the controllers fasten your seat belts.  you see..over the weekend ..our little blog thingy went international..yep..remember i said when we went from email to a public blog..the public would be looking in..and while thats been happening on a local level..we were some really cute hotties..blister the paint on a red corvette both los angeles and tel aviv..yep tel aviv..makes me feel like a bayou trailer park cat… so i am definitely back to practicing my lucy liu look after seeing the blog competition.  damn hotties.

anyway…while you people are trying to figure out the parking rules and whether or not you should tow your neighbors car..depending on whether or not you happen to like the particular neighbor ..of course……or rewriting rules to govern what you can or cant put on your balcony or in your window…or how much to fine a rules violator… you know what people like you worry about in tel aviv……i ll tell you what…….

war..whether or not they are going to get nuked by iran


or blown up by hamas


you know i cant remember anyone wanting to nuke wonderland..or wipe it off the map.

so heres a suggestion….paint over all the parking stripes and numbers and institute free-form-parking……dance naked on your balcony…sing ode to joy in a foreign language..hug your neighbor..even the ugly one..because the world doesnt give a rats butt…and i know something about those..doesnt give a rats butt about the trivialities of wonderland or keseys kids and their desire to lord over a by-golly condo association.

need any more perspective…………

lilly liu