the wind beneath my fur

by lillythehtcat

yo..people..been outside today..or are you still laid up on the couch with the sunday paper..or rewriting the rules again..hey where are those things..whats the hold up..or are you waiting on a new board..anyway get out and enjoy the sun.. feel the wind..bring out some cheesy bits..

do you have any idea what it feels like when the wind blows beneath your fur..dont confuse that with wind beneath your wings…i hear that thing and i feel like im gagging on a hair ball…….did you ever know that you’re my hero?…what a load of chippie crap that was.

best of all.. with the rustley wind the chippies dont hear you sneaking up..and then ker pounce..dinner.

so get your apathetic selves out and enjoy the day..bring a cat a cheesy bit..snack on a spring chippie..enjoy life……….