wheres lilly

by lillythehtcat

whoa..ease up people..i know ive taken a few days off..so stop with the emails..where are you..please dont stop..we want the blog..my goodness first of all this cool snap slowed up the chippies..made them sluggish..but not me..been a good week.

hey..where the heck is deep throat..im hearing all kinds of stuff and ol deep throat is either off chasing chippies or has forgotten what im paying for here..so while the scoundrel is awol..i need a little input……..

first..what is this im hearing about renters..parking and nasty notes…really…….

and second..whats going on with the board..did somebody quit again…that thing must be brutal.

since that ingrate deep throat has dropped the ball..or as we like to say..whiffed the chip..i would appreciate a little feed back….

oh and dont forget..coming in june..the wheres lilly contest…with a bottle of whine or wine..your choice..as the prize…just a little fun way of saying thank you for your support.