coyote exposed

by lillythehtcat

many of you people know about the recent email from lille e coyote..well.. over the past few weeks.. there..apparently..has been a concerted effort to seek remedies to the slander and overall vileness of the email.  my trusted informant..deep throat..has given me a fairly detailed update..which i will now try to relate to the many readers of this blog.  i guess the slandered have found an exmilitary cyber programmer who has been tracing both the lille e coyote and ladee coyote emails…oddly enough they found roadrunner at the apple store..i know…techie people like code names.  anyway roadrunner says that while the authors of the coyote emails made a pretty good attempt at concealing their identities..they also made some rooky mistakes.

so heres the long and short of it..the people who hired roadrunner know the identity of the coyotes.  and.. while deep throat wont tell who is in possession of this information..deep throat says they are preparing to release the emails complete with the authors true identity and a brief statement of the proof that led to the expose’.

so…watch the bulletin board..look for something under your door..check your email..because pretty soon the coyote will be exposed.