happy half anniversary

by lillythehtcat

whoa….i just realized i started sending emails to you people 6 months ago….thats 3 1/2 cat years….sweet dumpster mice does time fly..and have we ever had some fun.  you know…heres the odd thing…when stuie mounted the campaign to have everyone take their name off my email list..i thought…well.. maybe its time to stop writing about wonderland..you know..use the ol dell to play angry birds..be done with all the nonsense that goes on in that building. and then i found out about the people who did not remove their names..the phone calls..the notes under the door…the slanderous.. vicious  anonymous email..and i thought…is this how its going to be..do the controllers think they can just run amok..without me.

so…this blog thingy seemed like the perfect solution…i could continue to have fun writing about the going ons of wonderland..the controllers would know i would expose their nit-wittery and you people could read this in complete anonymity…no one would ever know…….heh…heh…as you people would say..the cat is out of the bag.

now.. the blog has been up about 2 1/2 weeks and while i dont get to see who is reading..i do see how many read….let me tell you..the numbers overwhelm me…and we even have email subscribers..whose viewings dont show on the website numbers.

hey..if you are an email subscriber..i understand yesterdays hot tub video didnt show on email..you might want to go to the web and watch….you will be sure to get a laugh.

so again..thanks to everyone who kept this voice alive..thanks to the controllers who created the need for this voice..and thanks to deep throat who provides so much juicy inside information..just a shame i cant use it all…you know..the queen and king of hearts…sue em..off with their heads. 

happy 1/2 anniversary everyone