too hot for the hot tub

by lillythehtcat

so i hear you people are opening the pool may 5..good deal..bring diet has been a bit limited lately…cant remember the last time i had a cheesy bit.

now if i understand this is the genius logic coming out of..well know who.  you are going to open the pool may 5 and probably close the past couple of years.. around mid october…but here comes the genius part…you are not going to heat up the hot tub till memorial day and turn the heat off labor day.  ive eaten chippies that were smarter than this..

so…..just let me pose this to the rocket scientists that keep coming up with these brain storms……turn the heat on at the beginning and end of the season when the air temperature is cooler and you people are more inclined to get in the silly thing…youd never catch me in there…goodness knows what goes on in a hot tub….and then when it is 100 degrees out you can turn the heat save money and appease the controller..i mean..i mean… who in their right mind wants to get in a hot tub during the dog days of summer..interesting term..yeah i know..has to do with sirius..the dog star….nuff said about that.  does it really take the condo cat to point this out…does the controller even own a swim suit…..

i cant stand it…got to go hunting till the cheesy bits show up…………hot tub……july…..brilliant.


thanks again to deep throat