tin foil hats

by lillythehtcat

remember that old play and movie….

The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

have mercy… didnt joanne woodward get an award for that..and the plot seems to be significant to you people.

anyway….looks like were going to have our own version..if we dont already..because the phone company is going to put some death ray emitting star wars thingy on your roof.  so anytime one of you fires up an iphone..or whatever..the rest of us will be zapped..or at least rained upon..by streams of data loaded electrons.  great… just what i need..extra toes and other mutations.  which one of you geniuses came up with this plan.

so i’m thinking..at a bare minimum…….tin foil hats..

now.. im going to need a little help with mine..you know that whole opposing digit thing….and ill need a couple of ear holes..dont want any rascally coyotes sneaking up on me..and see if you can make it kinda cool looking……………

whoa………….wait…….im just starting to picture some of you in your hats…..sweet rolls of reynolds wrap..i gotta get  some pictures of this on facebook.

let the force be with you