lets go skinny dippin

by lillythehtcat

do you know how many conversations ive heard in the last few days.. asking when the pool is going to open….yeah its early..but hey its also been 8o degrees out there….you know.. up north they dont open the pools till memorial day…..yeah and up north its probably still snowing..you want to do it like they do up north..heh..heh…then….oh never mind….

so lets look at all the pros and cons….

1. you people would have a place to get together whenever you wanted.

2. you would have cocktails…again.. i have no idea why you call it a cocktail.

3. with cocktails youll talk and just maybe find a way to get along..or at least do a good job pretending.

4. the closet smokers can sneak a smoke out by the pool instead of polluting the lobby.

5. you will spill food which broadens my diet.

6. you will bring cheesy bits which are a nice side to dumpster mice.

7. and last but not least.. ol you know who can record the electricity usage and write diatribes about cost savings instead of worrying about what the minutes say.