cee-lo is in the house

by lillythehtcat

So…after i left the front steps tuesday…made a loop around the building.. before deciding to head back to the dumpster in search of another over ripe dumpster mouse….by the way..they have a flavor you have to experience to believe…..this old three dog night tune popped in my head…..and as i reflected on all you people in the kesey house..well……i thought it appropriate.  wasnt till i got back to the old dell that i found it was a randy newman song written for eric burden……now im trying to figure out which version to link.   anyway bet you can see why this popped into my head.

Will you have whiskey with your water
Or sugar with your tea?
What are these crazy questions
That they’re asking of me?
This is the wildest party that there ever could be
Oh, don’t turn on the light ’cause I don’t want to see
Mama told me not to come
Mama told me not to come
Mama said, “That ain’t no way to have fun”
Open up the window, let some air into this room
I think I’m almost choking on the smell of stale perfume
And that cigarette you’re smoking ’bout to scare me half to death
Open up the window, let me catch my breath
The radio is blasting, someone’s beating on the door
Our hostess is not lasting – she’s out on the floor
I seen so many things here I ain’t never seen before
I don’t know what it is – but I don’t wanna see no more
Mama told me not to come
Mama told me not to come
Mama said, “That ain’t no way to have fun” 

yeah..that cigarette youre smoking ..she still doin that…anyway….

so if you see me doin a little dance step now and then….youll know this is still running through my head.

hey…..who the heck is listening to cee-lo green in there…….

sounded like it was coming from 4.  whats the matter with you…that aint no way to have fun.