the marlborough man is back

by lillythehtcat

does anyone remember my rant on november 30 about the stench in the lobby…hey look it up..thats why i have the email archives…here is what i wrote..

when one of you opens the front door gawd is the marlborough man living in there or what..the stench of cigarette smoke will literally water your eyes.

and believe you me i caught a lot of flak about this..but whoa ive been sitting out front again.. and well..who ever the closet smoker is theyve been stinkin the place up again..i mean really people..its 80 degrees..cant you go outside or sit on the can with the exhaust fan on…geez i dont know how you people live in such foulness.

hey….did anyone see that big mouse i nailed..out by the dumpster..this morning.  mighty tasty.