saint pattys day

by lillythehtcat

whoa..tomorrows saint pattys day..absolutely my favorite holiday.. although im not sure why..except for the copious amounts of beer thing.. eyes are smiling..but not still working on the lilly liu look.  so how about a limerick instead….

there once was a cat called lilly

whose writings seemed willy nilly

but the controllers said no

although they didnt know

that they all appeared very silly

so heres an idea….tomorrow you people get a dray load of guiness..get together in the lobby.. hoist ten or twelve and by the end of the evening you will forget youve been fighting like a bunch of stepchildren at a will reading.  i can just see you with arms around each other..singing danny boy..with tears in your eyes……gawd luv a duck and kiss the blarney stone..youll be going home with each other before..well.. except for…..oh never mind. danny boy….


hey..can someone open a couple for me..kinda tough without opposing digits.