by lillythehtcat

initial public outing

whoa….i cant believe im going public….isnt there a bell thats suppose to ring or something. anyway much thanks to the controllers who have given me the motivation to carry on my writing. for those of you reading for the first time ive been using the medium of email to post my musings..manifestos..and as the controllers like to say…diatribes. these past emails are available in the email archive..which will give you a pretty good feel for where this blog is coming from….some pretty entertaining reading..if i dont say so myself.

many thanks to stuey..and all.. who provided the impetus to take this next step.

thanks to the techy people who put this site together and gave me a more sophisticated image.

thanks to al gore for inventing the world wide web.

thanks to deep throat for all the inside information.

thanks to my financial backers who made this possible.

and most of all..thanks to all of you who urged me to continue.

and now……on to the business of wonderland.